Partial List of Clients and Projects:

-AV-Integrators / Multimedia and Website Design
     Art Direction for Photography Shoots

-Bart Homes / Website Design

-Captainssk8 / Website Design

-Harvey August Architect / Photo Retouching and
     Website Design

-Steinberg / Team USA Cubase Audio Group

-Chrysler Corporation / CDN Dealer News Open

-Honda Motors / Broadcast TV Spots

- NASA Ames Research Center / NAS Logo      Design and Animations

-U.S. Geological Survey / Earthquake Graphics

-Stanford University / School of Medicine



Services also contracted to:

Alza Corporation                                                McKesson Corporation
American Cancer Society                                 Mark Wright Productions
American National Bank                                   Media Concepts                  
Ampex Corporation                                           Mervyns                                          
Applied Materials                                               Mitsubishi Motors
Bank of America                                                Oracle Corporation
Best Image Productions                                  Paramount Interactive
Beyond Sports                                                    Pinnacle Systems
Businessland Computer Systems                Pro Video
Century Pacific Entertainment                        Quantel
Charles Schwabb                                             Raychem Corporation
Chevron Corporation                                        Sega
CNN Cable News Network                             Sony Entertainment
Crested Butte Mountain Resort                     Space Systems / Loral
Dayton-Hudson Properties                            The Spector Agency
DeClarity                                                            Spotlight Video Productions
Digital Pictures                                                 Steinberg Audio Products
Eaglevision                                                       Television Associates
EPRI                                                                   Tom Bart Custom Homes
44 Blue Productions                                        United States Army
Gerber Products Company                            University of California Extension
IBM                                                                     The Upjohn Company
In-Vision Communications                            US Sprint
J & R Tractor LLC                                             Varian Corporation
JVC Video Products                                         VISA USA
The Kellogg Company                                    Varitel Video
KGO-TV                                                              VISIO
Laserscope                                                       Warner Vineyards



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